Moosoo Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner


Moosoo Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner

For the most part some people have avoided using the vacuum to clean a mess in the house because of its weight.

However, most found one that is definitely lightweight, it’s less than 5 pounds, and easy to handle.
First of all, it is easy to store it, with its own hanging mount that can be readily accessible when a mess needs to get cleaned up right away. The convenience of pulling something right out of the wall, makes it easy to grab and clean up a potential mess in hardwood floors, carpet, tile floor, on the walls, etc.. It also has a complete sealing design, a high-density filter, and could filter 99.99% of microscopic dust with 4 efficiency filtration system stages. This is absolutely a heck of a HEPA standard product!
This vacuum comes with stiff/soft bristles that have its direct battery operated power, the vacuum itself has 2 modes of suction power. Besides the surface debris on the floor, it puts ease on vacuuming from low to high places, even deep embedded dirt. It comes with 3 serviceable attachments for added versatility to reach ceilings, reach corners, or lower places. Filters are replaceable to maintain the life of the vacuum, and the recommended time to replace the filter is every 2-3 months. Cost-efficient attachments are easily available. This product also comes with a great warranty.
The Moosoo vacuum cleaner comes with either an electric power chord or the rechargeable battery operated one. The rechargeable one at full charged can last up to 30 to 45 minutes of use, which is more than enough to clean a quickie clean up. And of course, the convenience of using the electric power chord is that it can be used much longer. On the other hand, this hand-held vacuum often is not used longer than the quick convenience of grab and clean, which is tucked away in just few short minutes. So when a spill of coffee grounds are on the floor, perhaps some crumbs after a meal, some dirt from the vase of an indoor plant, cobwebs on the corner of the walls, or whatever the pets, the kids, and sometimes even playful adults who makes a mess and etc…, the convenience of a lightweight vacuum as opposed to the heavy one can be appreciated to be a better preference to get the job right away.


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