Cell Phone Evolution


Cell Phone Evolution

The birth of cell phones many moons ago and all the way to its now evolved microchip and internet processor devise is not something that might be an interesting review of historical school of information.

However, it may be an important factor to understand how we can value what we have today in contrast to yesterday’s communication culture.

Today, cell phones have become a big help for a quick response to 911 calls, cover live video events, provide driving directions, enable past time entertainments with games, movies, and music, allow search engines to answers questions, find services, products, find addresses, do background checks, help with homework, find weekend events, restaurants, hotels, concerts, figure out investments, what’s hot on the market, discover what’s on sale, receive the latest weather and news reports, help with business transactions, accounting, bookkeeping, and multiple other things, which otherwise, without internet access it would be such a glitch in today’s culture. However, the fun of getting access to anything and anyone anywhere through a device has its disadvantage. While sitting on a dinner table with all the members of the family for a mealtime together with conversations through chat messages is not the best way to ask for the ketchup on the other side of the table. We should not be diminished with social inabilities even in the face-time mode of our little machines. Though, it has become the norm to let a little machine sit on the palm of our hands with the thumb working, other than distance, it is more wonderful to have a direct conversation with our families and friends. Needless to say, no matter how quickly our society had changed in less than 50 years, as a society, we have evolved to end the gap in distance. We can now chat anywhere in the world with everyone, especially those dear to us. What would be the next 50?

Innovations only makes it all a lot more appreciable. The next generations of Cell Phones would only take us further into a magical world enabling the best in society to further the convenience in social interactions. Today, the future is here with the best things cell phone can offer you. Allow others to experience you with the magical ways that only cell phones can do by photo-sharing, chatting, video messaging, and even enhance your capacities with multiple field applications that can assist in all aspects of work and social interactions, especially with emojis. With better speed, large storage room, longer battery life, nice features, choice of colors, etc. Cell Phones can be considered the best gift for all times.


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