Old School but Loving New Technology

I spent most of my career in the military and it was a long 30 year journey. When I retired in 2007 I can summarize the changes that took place over the long period of my career. There were breakthroughs in health, medicine, energy, communication, science, and technology. These are some of the many things that has plunged us forward into a different world, a world advanced into an ongoing increase of knowledge. Our innovations happens at a pace that seems so rapidly quicker and it seems to get things outdated too quickly. With this being said, it seems like we are being teased to the next wave of trends all the time and there is no stopping it because changes are taking place in every aspect of life, that’s what increase in knowledge does my friend. And those of us who are from the old school, we could use a helping hand, which otherwise without being coach to the new innovative world could put us into a world left behind to the primitive old school hang up. Fortunately, search engines came along, including youtube. I can actually say that without youtube, I wouldn’t be able to cook the kind of meals that my wife has been enjoying. YouTube has made a chef out of me. The videos that shows us the do it yourself (DIY) maintenance on many technical things and fix things that are broken. The DIY is endless. But what good is knowledge if it doesn’t allow them to suit everybody? Search engines, google, youtube, etc., these have given many of us old schoolers the ability to catch up to the trends. I’m really old school. Believe me, I often feel left in the dark because my grandchildren would often take care of technical things. I even told my 7 year old grandson how smart he is. We can certainly appreciate them all. The utmost pursuit to trending innovations can only be fairly appreciated when we’ve  been enabled to the benefits that they give. We ought to get a sneak peak at what’s next and not let ourselves get left behind. We might get scolded by a seven year old. Therefore, we do need to pay attention at even the things they are learning.


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